According to a recent post by Ryan Hart, Principle Analyst for Forrester, the best companies are strengthening their focus on CX in response to a crisis of trust. He indicates that misleading and false statements from executives and politicians combined with the speed and power of internet platforms to scale the spread of falsehoods has worsened the situation.

Hart suggests there are four ways companies are addressing this challenge:

Greater understanding, awareness, and commitment to your firm’s brand. Brands that deliver CX as part of their deep-rooted core values will continue to stand out while those who deliver superficial CX experiences will find savvy clients recognizing the difference.

Deepen understanding of their clients’ perceptions beyond the obvious. According to Hart, leading firms will dig deeper into the experience their clients have working with their firm. They will work to instill the discipline required for outcomes to scale and last.

Commitment to Client Success Management (CSM). What happens between the proposal and project execution? Is there a gap in the client’s experience? A growing number of firms will see the pathway to growth will come through CSM.

Focused attention on serving their firm’s primary client persona. As clients demand a more personalized experience, firms that attempt to be “everything to everyone” will struggle. Forrester’s Prediction 2018 sees firms continuing to raise the bar as new CX leaders emerge by serving narrower sets of customers more deeply.

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