According to Steven Keith, Customer Experience Advisor with CX Pilots, “In Client Experience (CX) most leaders know what to do and why. Their primary challenge is knowing how to get it done with the resources at hand.”

So how does your firm “get it done” with the resources at hand? A Client Experience (CX) Framework integrates the four tools your firm needs to gather the data and insights needed and create a manageable plan your firm can execute. Once designed, your firm’s CX Framework gives you a way to view, understand, measure and improve client loyalty and satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

At #CXps2018, Steven will lead both a CX Mini Clinic for those in the early stages of building a CX initiative in their firms and an Advanced CX Workshop focused on how to build and execute modern client experience programs. Whether your CX journey is just beginning or you are already headed down the CX path, take advantage of spending time with Steven at CXps 2018.

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