Ryan Felkel

Marketing Manager

Ryan, Marketing Manager for Full Sail Partners, has been an accomplished proposal manager and marketing professional in the professional services industry for over 10 years. As the marketing manager at Full Sail Partners, Ryan is tasked with managing the marketing activities required to develop business within the professional services industry and in new market verticals.

As a customer-focused marketing professional, Ryan believes in developing strong relationships that mature into long term trust-based partnerships. His goal is to connect with people to help them better understand how embracing technology can improve their business processes and increase profitability. 

How Marketers Can Use Feedback 

In the competitive world of the professional services industry, marketers have to find ways to better understand their firm’s clients. Since marketers generally have limited interactions with clients, it’s difficult for them to identify how clients really feel about the experience their firm is providing. By using a tool to capture feedback, marketers have the ability to pinpoint clients that are extremely happy clients and clients that are difficult to please. Additionally, marketers are an integral part of building and maintaining a positive brand experience. Therefore, asking prospects and clients for feedback on the marketing materials they create can ensure clients are garnering the information they are seeking.

During the KSM session, Ryan will explain how feedback can be used to improve proposals and to help generate new marketing content. He will also explain the importance of having a consistent client feedback survey process.  

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