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Written by Ryan Suydam

January 30, 2024

Dear CXps Friend,

We write to let you know that CXps Puerto Rico is being postponed to 2025. We know this is a big deal, and we’ll work with you to create a good outcome. We’ve tried to think about everything to make this news easy to hear. Good news, we have a hybrid Raleigh-based one-day event in the works to meet your CX networking and learning needs.

Before we cover logistics, let us share a little about our why.

Ultimately, we’re doing this to maximize your experience within our community and at CXps. Our team just got back from a visit to the Wyndham in Puerto Rico and we realized we have too much of an opportunity to make CXps truly unforgettable – but not within the 90 days that remain. We went too big, too fast, moving from Durham to the Caribbean. We will be unable to deliver a conference that matches the awesomeness of the venue (and yes, the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar is incredible). We don’t want to underdeliver our end of the bargain. We need more time to do that. The site is too good to do anything less.

We are working to finalize dates, and we’ll communicate those to you, but it will be in the same timeframe (April/May) 2025. And 2026. This place is so great we’ve committed to two years there. And, 2025 will be our TEN YEAR CXps Anniversary. It’s going to be epic.

Your hotel reservation is fully cancelable. You may visit the reservation page and cancel your reservation. However, the Wyndham has agreed to honor the highly discounted group rate if you choose to still go and enjoy the resort for some personal R&R.

We recognize you also may have already committed flights and other expenses. Please check with your airline. Many airlines will offer a refund, even on non-refundable flights, due to an event cancellation outside your control. If, however, you are unable to be made whole by your airline please let Client Savvy know. We will work with you to cover your costs.

Finally, your registration fee for CXps is fully refundable. However, if you would prefer to roll this over to 2025 we will guarantee your spot next year at this year’s price AND give you a free pass to the 2024 Raleigh meetup and/or virtual pass. This event will be April 23, from 11am to 5pm Eastern and feature a couple feature speakers, CX Roundtables, and of course the hands-on learning you know and love. Again, leave your registration in place for 2025, and you get 2024 free. The in-person meeting will be $399 and the virtual pass will be $99 if any others want to attend. Please let us know (1) do you want a refund, partial refund, or rollover, and (if relevant) would you like to attend our CX Roundtable in person or virtually?

Thank you for your understanding. We genuinely apologize for the changes and inconvenience. We are taking this drastic step only to assure we continue to deliver an event that attendees rate with a 94 NPS. CXps is a special community, and our obligation to you is to create an amazing experience every time.

We’ve updated our conference webpage to include registration for the 2024 Raleigh-area event – both in-person and virtual options. If you’d like to join us for that event, please visit to register today.

Thank you, please send me any questions or special requests personally. I’ll work with you to create the best outcome we can.

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