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Meet the experts that will lead our breakouts, workshops, and general sessions.


Ryan Suydam

Curating Client Insights to Grow and Thrive

Have you ever been somewhere – a restaurant, hotel, event – that felt like it was designed just for you? Everything about it was tailor made. It was delightful. You left thinking “I want to do that again!” The best brands carefully design customer experiences just for you in order to create that lasting memory. It’s this emotional impact that drives repeat business, referrals, growth – and all the other enviable business outcomes top brands achieve. All these brands build great experiences on the foundation of collecting, curating, and acting on client insights. They can’t design for you if they don’t understand you.

During this session we will explore five key methods of collecting client insights:

  • Directly solicited client feedback

  • Client Interviews

  • Client Panels

  • Empathy and Journey Maps

  • Operational Metrics

Collecting insights isn’t enough. Firms need to curate these insights into meaningful themes in order to action them. You’ll learn how leading firms are creating Client Experience (CX) Centers of Excellence. These cross-functional teams are responsible with looking at all the insights collected through your various insights channels, identifying key themes, and generating proposals and ideas for action. The CX CoE presents these ideas to executive leadership for decision, action, and implementation.

Only by building a robust client insights mechanism and actioning those insights will your firm be able to continuously improve and deliver “I want to do that again!” results to your clients, every time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn five common methods of collecting client insights

  • Attendees will learn a practical approach to organizing “insights” teams

  • Attendees will learn the change management role of insights teams

  • Attendees will learn best practices to propose and drive change benefitting clients

  • Attendees will learn how to measure change to track practical business outcomes


  • Client Insights best practices guidebook

  • CX Center of Excellence Sample Charter

Ryan Suydam, CXO, Co-Founder, Client Savvy


Ryan Suydam co-founded Client Savvy in 2004, to help firms create fierce client loyalty by designing, implementing, and measuring client experiences. He has coached over 300 organizations and over 10,000 professionals on the skills required to be “client savvy.” His clients are twice as likely to be 

recommended by their clients, three times as likely to realize above-average financial returns, and consistently attract and retain better employees. Based in Raleigh, NC, he welcomes your questions at ryan@clientsavvy.com. 


Tim Asimos

Lunchtime CX Leader’s Panel

Hear from CX leaders and practitioners across a variety of professional services industries. Topics will include projects and priorities currently being worked on, impacts to the business, and strategic drivers.


Tim Asimos is a catalyst for disruption in A/E/C marketing, providing keen insights on modern marketing and a unique perspective drawn from more than 20 years of experience both working inside and outside the industry. As Head of Growth at Client Savvy, Tim leads the client feedback software company’s growth strategies, overseeing business development, marketing, and communication.

Tim’s visionary perspectives are regularly showcased in industry publications, blogs, webinars, and podcasts. His inspiring keynotes and informative breakout sessions have become fixtures at conferences across the country. Tim is a longstanding SMPS member and a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

Glynn Fleming

What I Know About Your Client

In 2023, WithersRavenel, along with partner Client Savvy, collaboratively engaged with 25 of our clients and over 100 WithersRavenel staff and project managers on a series of four Client Experience (CX) workshops at four of our North Carolina office locations. Each event featured a moderated client panel followed by a brief focus on WithersRavenel’s Innovation Initiatives and concluded with an interactive ideation exercise led by Client Savvy. The workshops allowed us to discover root causes and ideate solutions to address pain points along the Client journey.

During the presentation we will cover the outcomes from the client workshops in 2023. We will discuss the challenges, the “right” questions to ask, and how to best engage with your clients and provide a space for them to be open and honest. We will also discuss the initiatives currently under development that resulted from the feedback we gathered during these client workshops.


  • In this session, you will be able to better understand the following:
  • The steps to creating a client workshop listening session
  • How to best engage with clients and create a “safe” atmosphere
  • Finding common themes, root causes and outcomes
Glynn Fleming, Director of Client Experience, Governmental Sector, WithersRavenel


Glynn Fleming, PE, CFM currently serves as Director of Client Experience for WithersRavenel, Inc. a 100% employee-owned provider of multi-disciplinary engineering services based in Cary, NC. Prior to entering the AEC industry Glynn enjoyed a successful career in sales and now draws heavily from that experience as he works to instill a unique blend of brand building, technical acumen, and client focused project delivery into the firm’s growing CX Practice Area. In an industry frequently driven by billable hours and utilization metrics, Glynn and WithersRavenel are proving that elevating CX and crafting individualized client journeys are not only equally important, but inherently symbiotic with delivery.

Additionally, Glynn is an experienced project manager who specializes in providing tailormade engineering management and general consultation services to developing municipalities, resident-board water districts, and regional authorities. His technical expertise includes the design and construction of drinking water transmission and distribution systems, wastewater collection and conveyance systems, and systems condition assessment and rehabilitation. He has led a variety of public initiatives for the funding, design, and construction of municipal drainage improvements, drinking water infrastructure, and wastewater infrastructure. His work also includes capacity analyses, pre-development feasibility studies, impact fee development, and presentations to citizens groups, governing bodies, and regulatory agencies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Civil/Structural Engineering, both from the University of Alabama, and is licensed in multiple states as a Professional Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager

Andrea Labelle, Regional Senior Manager, Customer Experience, BASF

Andrea Labelle

Turning Turbulence into Triumph: Redesigning the Customer Experience for Expected Tough Moments

Agriculture can be one of the most unpredictable industries in the world. Despite best laid plans, the only thing you can predict is that inevitably something unexpected is going to happen each season. How you prepare for these moments when “things go wrong” can be the difference between a satisfied or disgruntled customer. During this session, Andrea will speak to the customer-centric problem-solving approach BASF took on addressing these tough touchpoints and the process for redesigning a highly emotional & frustrating moment that matters in their customer’s journey.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Identifying critical customer touchpoints and the emotional nature of these high-impression moments

  • Understanding the Customer and Employee Experience through insight gathering & data analysis

  • How to use an iterative process to address the sources of friction and identify improvement opportunities

  • Leveraging customer analytics to track improvement over time and shift from a reactive to proactive approach in customer experience

This specific example will dig into how BASF identified their Product Warranty/Claims journey as a ‘must-win’ touchpoint, but the negative experience was leading to an impact on customer loyalty, employee experience and reduction in YoY sales. The Product Claims journey is a highly emotional, frustrating engagement touchpoint for both the customers and employees, and despite the process being redesigned multiple times, was still ranked low in satisfaction. Rather than trying to fix just the process again, BASF approached it from an “outside in” perspective, leveraging customer interviews, insights, and analytics to identify which specific moments in this journey was causing the highest friction – an extra step that had never been taken before. These insights fueled a new way at looking at journey improvements and led to both quick-win and longer-term improvement opportunities, with the end goal that this specific journey evolve from a dreaded customer headache to a confident customer moment.


Andrea Labelle is the Regional Senior Manager for Customer Experience at BASF Agriculture Solutions, where she leads the North American CX team, focused on CX strategy, expereince design, customer insights & analytics. As a seasoned CX, marketing and communications professional, her background spans both B2B and B2C sectors across agriculture, oil & gas, telecom, financial services & tourism. This range of experience has equipped her with a multifacted perspective on CX, with a core focus on driving business impact through strategic and customer-centric initiatives.

Andrea holds a BTech in Communications Management from Ryerson University. A Toronto native, Andrea spent her early career in the advertising sector with some of the largest brands in Canada, before moving out to Calgary and transitoning to the agriculutre industry with Bayer & BASF. She moved south to the US two years ago and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and dogs.

Danny McPhaul

Integrating CX Into an Existing Company Structure

I will take a look at how to integrate a newly formed CX team into an already existing set of processes, integrating with Billing/Product/Marketing/etc. in order enhance the customer experience while continuing to provide seamless customer care.

I will provide real world examples of how a new CX team can properly be integrated into an organization that either has no CX functionality, or has minimal functionality in need of an expansion.

I will share how to complete one of the first steps, which is the mapping out of all customer facing departments along with non customer-facing departments that still have customer impact. Then explain how to begin exploring areas where CX can address gaps.


Danny McPhaul, Manager of Client Experience at Ford Pro, leads a team of enthusiastic Client Success Managers in the quickly expanding market of Electric Vehicle charging. Having over 20 years of client experience, Danny has cultivated a unique way of building in-depth relationships with his various clients. His experience in managing elite-level client relationships on behalf of Cisco Systems, and Verizon Business, as well as Ivy League universities during his tenure at TransLoc, has given him the opportunity to perfect the art of weaving a personal brand into any business relationship. Upon expanding and improving on several high-visibility client relationships at TransLoc as a CSM, he was promoted to the manager of Client Experience, where he led his team to improve the company’s overall NPS score by 27%.

He brings this same energy to his leadership at Ford Pro, as he builds the foundation of the freshly formed Client Success team to take on the challenges of the newly developing world of Electric Vehicles and ensure that Ford Pro’s client base receives best-in-class level client success.  He’s also a huge fan of the Golden Girls, and it’s almost impossible to catch him not wearing a t-shirt showcasing those fabulous ladies.  He’s intrigued and impressed several clients and colleagues with his uncanny ability to weave a reference or two to the Golden Girls in almost any situation.

Andrea Labelle, Regional Senior Manager, Customer Experience, BASF

Brandi Hobbs

SuCXession: Keeping Clients Happy and Preserving Your Legacy

When professional services firms create succession plans for their MVPs, they often think about their clients. What they don’t always do is listen to the clients, understand their perspectives, and prepare a legacy that will continue to provide a positive Client Experience. In this [session/rountable/intro], you will hear both about the tactical aspects of succession planning and reasons and ways to incorporate client experience, then have an opportunity to plot out the practical application of this insight to your organization.


Brandi Hobbs has built a reputation as a catalyst for change and “Major Problem Solver” in law firms.

Brandi translates a managing partner’s vision into strategy and implementable tactics based on available resources. Whether it’s a major leadership transition or a technology project, her focus is on defining what success looks like and then helping the firm to realize that success.

Her work in operations, marketing & business development, process improvement and project management, combined with her network of resources and keen understanding of the legal profession through her experience at firms such as DLA Piper, Offit Kurman, Poyner Spruill, and Bell Davis Pitt, make her an ally to any leader who wants to advance their firm and optimize their time. She holds a Master of Professional Studies in Law Firm Management from the George Washington University and has twenty years of experience managing and marketing professional services.

Camille Stell

SuCXession: Keeping Clients Happy and Preserving Your Legacy

When professional services firms create succession plans for their MVPs, they often think about their clients. What they don’t always do is listen to the clients, understand their perspectives, and prepare a legacy that will continue to provide a positive Client Experience. In this [session/rountable/intro], you will hear both about the tactical aspects of succession planning and reasons and ways to incorporate client experience, then have an opportunity to plot out the practical application of this insight to your organization.

Camille Stell, President, Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services


Camille Stell serves as the President of Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services. Her expertise lies in designing modern law firms and guiding lawyers through succession planning and Life after Law. She is a frequent author and speaker on various topics related to the legal profession, including:

  • Law firm trends of the future

  • Retirement and succession planning

  • Law firm compensation

Camille is a graduate of Meredith College and the Meredith College Paralegal Program. Additionally, she is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and has been recognized by NC Lawyers Weekly as a “Leader in the Law” award recipient. Her commitment to the legal community and her insightful contributions make her a valuable resource for legal professionals.

Matt Hunt, Founder, Team Performance Consulting

Matt Hunt

Client Feedback Changes Your Culture: Weather You Like it or Not

Culture is the cumulative experience people feel due to conditions, environments, practices, beliefs, behaviors, leadership, etc. –the list goes on. When direct client feedback enters the picture and becomes a visible measure of organizational success or failure, your culture will change – what employees prioritize will change, how they communicate will change, what leadership rewards and recognizes will change, the skills and knowledge that the best employees demonstrate will change, how the organization measures success will change –hopefully all for the better.

This session will focus on a few key things to pay attention to as you increase your focus on CX to gain the best results and avoid any unintended consequences.

Specific examples include:

  • Recognizing exceptional client focus without devaluing technical expertise

  • Avoiding the trap of asking for direct feedback without empowering employees to deliver a better experience

  • Linking client experience to financial, operational and employee satisfaction metrics


Matt Hunt is an experienced facilitator, strategist, and consultant with a national reach and reputation who has helped large and small organizations get results through aligned leadership, clear goals, and collaborative teamwork.

He began his training and organizational development career with SSM Health, learning the value of team alignment and integration with the first healthcare system to win a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Matt has spent time in various industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, software development, marketing, and advertising, with the last 20 years in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Most recently, as the VP of Organizational Development for McCarthy Holdings, Inc., the oldest privately held construction company in America, Matt had the opportunity to facilitate two successful 5-year strategic plans through development and execution, conduct over 300 teaming and partnering sessions, build out a highly sought after team of internal consultants, all while helping to lead impactful cultural shifts in client focus, employee engagement, manager effectiveness, and leadership development.

In May of 2023, Matt decided to pursue a long-time personal goal by starting his own consulting practice dedicated to helping teams of all types and levels maximize leadership, strategy, and collaboration to achieve transformative success.

He is also an active supporter and current board member of FamilyForward, an innovative non-profit delivering comprehensive therapeutic and educational services to children and families with a deep commitment to evolving our understanding and treatment of childhood trauma.

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Missouri State University and a Graduate Certificate in Human Performance Improvement from the University of Missouri St. Louis and ASTD.

He lives in Creve Coeur, Missouri, with his wife, Tina. In his free time, he enjoys making delicious soups for family and friends; and after getting a late start in music, is always trying hard to improve his jazz and blues skills on the bass guitar.