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CXMP professionals stand out amongst their peers, increasing their influence and authority to create change in their organizations. Be recognized for your CX knowledge and leadership.


Join the ranks of the most engaged CX Professionals around the world. Our peer-based learning model assures you are gaining real-world experience in collaboration with others like you.


Each CXMP learning module leaves you with a plan for change. Unlike traditional courses, your learning is using your own firm as the laboratory to experiment, measure, and sustain change.


Complete 6 of these live, hands-on workshops and a case study to receive your CXMP Certification.

9.28.21 | CX & Strategic Alignment with Chandra Storrusten from Visible Value

When you design your strategic priorities using Client Experience (CX) as your lens, you consider the impact on your clients as an integrated part of the planning process. With this course, you’ll be able to identify how to integrate CX into your existing culture.

10.12.21 | Client Empathy Mapping with Desi Podkowka from Client Savvy

Clients select the firm which best shows an understanding of their situation. During this highly interactive session, you will learn a simple technique, Client Empathy Mapping, that aligns teams around a client’s questions, needs, thoughts, feelings, and anxieties. You will quickly recognize opportunities to differentiate with uniquely tailored service and spot the exact concerns that need to be addressed in your work. Leading your project and pursuit teams through a brief empathy mapping exercise before each new pursuit increases win & retention rates. Equipped with improved client insight, the team can describe the expected experience for that client, improving confidence and overcoming the “you don’t know me” barrier. The client experience plan enables the team to deliver a more satisfying result to the client after winning, driving retention of that client’s business year after year. Empathy mapping also provides many opportunities for service innovation brainstorming to out-compete your competition.

10.26.21 | Accelerating Sales through Client Experience with Deb Knubb from Growth Play & Matt Kocanda from BDF Private Wealth

The term “sales” can leave many of us bristling with discomfort when contemplated as pushy, manipulative, arm-twisting tactics in the name of self-interested revenue generation. But what if “sales” were less about self-interest and recast as an “act of service” designed to deliver meaningful client experience (CX) and mutual growth? This program will re-imagine what client-centric selling looks like (and feels like) and showcase specific CX behaviors, tools, and tactics that accelerate sales growth. You will leave this workshop with a clear roadmap, concrete tools and specific tasks that will bridge the ROI between sales and CX that will inspire professional service firm leaders to “double-down” on future investments in CX. 

12.7.21 | Creating a Voice of Client Process with Ryan Suydam from Client Savvy

Almost every quality initiative is founded on a basis of effective measurement.  In-process inspection is critical when creating products, to identify defects or variation as quickly as possible, in order to restore consistent output. Project delivery organizations (engineers, lawyers, technology service providers, etc.) don’t have the benefit of measuring widgets.  Instead, service quality is often left to gut feel or vague customer satisfaction scores. During the workshop, attendees will be provided a detailed research-based study of what makes service delivery measurement different – and why the transactional feedback models found in high-volume low-touch environments (retail, call centers, etc.) don’t work for project-driven service organizations. Each attendee will be provided resources to develop and document their firm’s ideal feedback plan that is driven by measuring the expectations of the service recipients.  Topics include engaging stakeholders, timing when the measurement is most needed, determining which metrics need measuring, and establishing an individual action plan to increase value and outcomes for each client.

12.14.21 | CX Metrics and Management with Ryan Suydam from Client Savvy

Client Experience (CX) is subjective and understanding the feedback data you get from your clients can help your firm gain insight into how they feel about your firm and the service they receive. By viewing this data as it relates to objective firm and project performance data, you can get a view of systemic problems and opportunities that can lead to significant business value. We’ll walk you through how we leverage analytics to interact with our CX data and the role it can play in your CX strategy. We hope to help you answer the question so many firms ask, “We’re collecting CX data, now what do we do with it?” Learn how to use analytics to visualize and explore data relationships of client experience and project performance that can drive real business decisions.

1.11.22 | Delivering Business Value to your Clients with Blake Godwin from Client Savvy

Creating a culture focused on client experience that actually delivers positive ROI requires a clear focus.  In this session, we’ll share how Client Experience can 1) identify business processes needed for each project that will deliver the most value to the client, 2) provide your team with the chance to capitalize on their strengths, and 3) use client sentiment tracking to remain in alignment with what your clients perceive as most valuable.  

2.3.22 | Client Lifetime Value with Ryan Suydam from Client Savvy

Client Lifetime Value (CLV) calculations form a critical part of understanding how to invest and where to invest in your client experience efforts. Too often, firms look at short-term indicators to quantify how valuable a client is (such as trailing 12-month profit generated). Sophisticated firms are building more accurate models of client value that factor in the total expected profit a client will generate throughout the duration of their relationship with your firm. In this workshop, we will present several case studies, including how one firm analyzed the CLV of their clients factoring in profit, churn, and client sentiment data and identified a strategy to generate $138K in future CLV for each ‘unhappy’ client converted to a ‘happy’ client. You will learn how to gather these metrics yourself and perform this analysis for your firm and quantify the return on your CX investment.

2.16.2022 | Governance and Change Management with Steven Keith from CX Pilots

This workshop will focus on how to build and execute modern client experience programs. We will zero in on how executives need to think about the impacts of a firm-wide CX program and what sponsorship of a CX program really means. You’ll learn how successful CX programs outflanked the natural pressures working against internal change to embed Client Experience into their working cultures. We’ll also show you how to think about and build a CX governance model ensuring program success and methods to measure performance to keep it all on track. This session is an advanced, hands-on training workshop that will equip CX leaders with pragmatic, real-world resources and tools to lead their CX transformation with confidence. 

3.10.22 | Journey Mapping with Ryan Suydam & Desi Podkowka from Client Savvy

Client Journey Mapping allows your team to identify the potential friction points (from your client’s perspective) of working with your firm. This program sets the stage for why this tool increases trust with your clients and then walks you through a sample Journey Map you can review with your team to create better customer experience moments.

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