Entries due Monday, March 19, 2018

Client Experience is a journey not an event. In this, its first year, the Client Experience Excellence (CX-cellence) Award will celebrate client experience innovation and ideas. Is your firm continuously seeking to improve your clients’ experience? Have you started (or completed) a CX initiative you’d like to submit? We are looking for new and innovative strategies for creating positive client experience outcomes.

Unlike projects that have a defined beginning and end, building client loyalty is an ongoing process. The submittals we’re looking for include:

  • Innovative CX ideas (regardless of whether you’ve implemented or not)
  • Initiatives that are in progress (tell your story about how it’s going and what you’ve learned)
  • Measurable CX Outcomes that are creating value for your clients and your firm
  • Spectacular CX failures (yes, we often learn more from the things we try and fail than our successes)
Questions? Contact Sally Orcutt at [email protected]ientsavvy.com

Winners will be recognized at CXps 2018 Awards Lunch May 23, 2018