What’s your differentiator?

Do you have competitors? Do they have talented people working for them?

If the answer is yes, then register today for CXps 2019. CXps is not a conference, it is a community event whose participants recognize the importance of delivering a B2C-type experience to their clients. They come together to roll up their sleeves, share successes and struggles, learn from the experts (and each other), and come away with ideas to build the next step of their CX initiative.

Who is it for?

Founded by Client Savvy, CXps is open to ALL professional services firms with a passion to differentiate their firm on the service they provide. The event includes opportunities to engage on a CX initiative from all levels: the CEO who wants to see how to integrate with their overall strategy, the HR Director who recognizes the importance of the employee experience (EX), the internal champion who needs to know how to “sell” it to the team, and the program coordinator whose job it is to get their initiative off the ground.

What will you receive?

CXps brings together people who want more than theory. They want to know HOW to take the next steps to make their firms successful in integrating client experience with their firms’ strategic initiatives. The format includes a combination of 2-hour Workshops, 1-hour Breakout Sessions, and 1-hour General Sessions that include panels and updates on 2018 Case Study sessions. #CXps2019 is the perfect place to expand your knowledge AND your network.


Attendees share why they attend CXps?

CXps 2019 – May 20-22

Durham, North Carolina