Sheila Jordan

Chief Marketing Officer – T.Y. Lin International

Much of Sheila’s 20-year business career has been in business development, marketing, strategy and organizational development. She has helped organizations with many behind-the-scenes initiatives to keep growth in the forefront. Working with C-level executives and management teams ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups has given her a 360-degree perspective on what makes some businesses succeed while others flounder.

Leadership Style Under Pressure

The professional services industry is a people business. People are the products. Convincing clients that the products are the best requires; time, money ,and energy. We do all this while we are under pressure. Pressure to sell, pressure to keep our engineers busy, and engaged. Our clients are also under pressure. In this workshop, Sheila and Hilary will help you identify your leadership style and pressure traits to be able travel to meet your customer in their space.

Sheila is co-presenting with Hilary Pritchett

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