Michele Rochon

Chief Play Officer – The Workplace Culture Store

Michele Rochon is a creator of learning experiences. With 20 years as an executive trainer, Michele has a unique approach to teaching professional services consultants. In 2008 she came across the quote from Plato: you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation, and wondered first, is it true, and second, why? What is it about play that supercharges creativity and human connection? Through hundreds of workshops, Rochon discovered that play has endless applications in adult learning, engagement, restoring workplace morale, and stimulating creativity. She continued studying its effects, and developed a variety of exercises, philosophies and workshops for use in organizational settings, especially for business learning. Now is the time for making our workplaces a better place for all – a place where people feel included, supported and part of a larger global community that cares. Attend Michele’s workshops and you will see the office in a whole new light, and will be able to make work fulfilling and joyful for you and the people who work with you.

The Leaders Guide to a Healthy and Affirming Workplace Culture and Community

Once you have equitable salaries, benefits, flexible hours, and recognition in place, a world of difference can be made in the daily lives of employees. Friendship is said to be a million little things – so is employee experience! This session approaches employee experience culturally and behaviorally. We examine the little behaviors leaders can foster that transform a workplace from cubicles and occupants to a joyful and uplifting community of people who love life and love work.

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