CXps will be producing Knowledge Sharing Modules (KSM) every 1-2 weeks (schedule pending). Members are encouraged to participate in one KSM per month, though there is no requirement or limit.

CXps will work with each speaker to produce a concise thought piece on a relevant topic. These pre-recorded sessions will be 15-25 minutes in length and distributed across multiple platforms as YouTube videos and podcasts. Released early in the week, you can consume the content when and how you want.

At the end of the KSM week, we’ll host a live Q&A + Networking session (45 – 60 minutes). The speaker will respond to questions and activities shared in the Mural, as well as any questions you pose live or in advance. We will utilize the Zoom Room feature to break attendees into virtual rooms of 4-6 people (video on, please!) so you can meet new peers. This networking opportunity expands your reach beyond your CX Cohort and enables you to make new friends and connections in the broader CXps community while discussing the week’s topic and how it applies to your business.

See the below schedule and be sure to save the dates.

KSM #1 – June 26th

Speaker: Eddie Staley

Topic: Putting Our Data Into Action: How We Combine CX + RX Data to Improve Profit while Delighting Clients

Link to recording: Youtube

KSM #2 – June 26th

Speaker: Reid Tolley

Topic: Selecting and Developing CX Executive Sponsors and Champions

Link to recording: Youtube

KSM #3 – July 17

Speaker: Ryan Suydam & CX- Cellence Award Winners

Topic: 2020 CX-Cellence Awards

Link to recording: Youtube

KSM #4 – July 31

Speaker: Steven Keith

Topic: CX as a Cultural Adhesive: Making CX Sticky

Link to recording: TBA

KSM #5 – August 14th 

Speaker: Alex Merbach 

Topic: Applying 80/20 to Your CX Strategy

Link to recording: TBA

KSM #6 – August 28th 

Speaker: Ida Cheinman

Topic: Connecting the Dots: Aligning BX, CX & EX

Link to recording: TBA

KSM #7 – September 11th

Speaker: Danny McPhaul

Topic: Consistent Service Delivery Q&A with Ryan Suydam

Link to recording: TBA

KSM #8 – September 25th

Speaker: Michele Rochon

Topic: The Leaders Guide To Healthy & Affirming Workplace Culture

Link to recording: TBA